t hamilton

Tom Hamilton

The Theme will be

“Made in God’s Image: The Essence of Being Human”

Sunday (9:50 AM) - “What is the Greatest Commandment? A Lesson on Love”                                     

Sunday (10:45 AM) -- “What is the Basis of Relationship? A Lesson on Trust”

Sunday (5:30 PM) - “What is the Fundamental Sin? A Lesson on Gratitude”


Monday (7:30 PM) – “What is the Mind of Christ? A Lesson on Humility”


Tuesday (7:30 PM) – “What Kind of Pie is It? A Lesson on Service”


Wednesday (7:30 PM) – “What does ‘Lording It Over’ Mean? A Lesson on Leadership”

Thursday (7:30 PM) – “What does Biblical Repentance Look Like? A Lesson on Repentance”


Friday (7:30 PM) - “What is the Real Glory of God? A Lesson on Forgiveness”


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